Welcome to bear creek sportsmen!

The Kuggamugga trail Ride is coming up quickly

Be ready May 16 & 17 for a great time!


We have a new club email address- bearcreeksportsmen@yahoo.com

Pictures of the 2013 Bear Creek Blast can be found here

For Pictures from the 2013 Good Kuggamugga Trail Ride click here


We Love to Ride

Online signup will be available for the Quarry Run Dual Sport

Please keep an eye on the web site for event updates

Our event schedule for 2015 is:

Kuggamugga Trail Ride- May 16 & 17 (Date changed because of Supercross in NJ)

Alex Snoop's Don't Hide 'em, Ride 'em Vintage Trail Ride- TBD

Quarry Run Dual Sport- August 1st & 2nd

Bear Creek Blast- September 5th & 6th

We do not post the results of our events only photos. Because if you have fun thats all that matters!